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If you've always wanted to learn how to suba dive, discover new adventures or simply see the wondrous world beneath the waves, this is where it starts. Take the plunge now.


TRUK Lagoon

TRUK Lagoon 2016

For the adventure seekers a “must see, bucket list” destination…. The wrecks , located in the sheltered crystal clear waters of TRUK Lagoon have become covered with marine life and are home to schools of fish, anemones, corals, sharks and much more


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Toy Box
  • Scubapro S600 Black Tech

    Scubapro's top performing balanced piston first stage paired with our high performance air balanced second stage.

  • Meridian Black Tech

    Engineered by divers for divers, the SCUBAPRO Meridian performs advanced functions in timeless style above and below the surface.


    The G260 is a new balanced adjustable second stage featuring metal components for excellent cold water resistance.

  • Seawing Nova Full Foot

    The revolutionary technology of the Seawing Nova is now available in a high-performance, full foot version.

  • SCUBAPRO BC accessory kit

    Great value item which includes a White Tip Knife, Nova 200 Torch and Retractor.

  • Scubapro Volta TruFit Mask

    This new exclusive design adds a second layer to the Trufit skirt.

  • Subgear AMP1L Torch

    A great back up torch that can double as a cyalume with the detachable cone.

  • Subgear SP30 Torch

    High performance black anodised aluminium LED torch, 500Lumen.